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Places to see in Ladakh

   Ladakh is located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir from the north-west side of India, being known as the land of high passes and with a culture and history very much related to the Tibet one. In the past Ladakh was a strategic area as a trade center with China and central Asia until the Chinese government has closed the border with Tibet. The population here is divided between the 50% Buddhist and the other 50% of Muslims.

Places to see in Kashmir Valley

   Kashmir is a region located in the north-west side of Indian subcontinent. If around the 19th century Kashmir was an area delimited by the Himalaya Mountains and Pir Panjal mountain range, today the territory is defined by a larger land including the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Places to see in Calcutta

   Calcutta which is also known as Kolkata, is one of the largest cities in India and the capital of West Bengal. Located on the east side of the Hooghly River this has the oldest port still operating in India. With a population of more than 4.5 million citizens this is the main educational, economic and cultural center in the east side of India. Kolkata is known as the cultural capital of India as many writers and film directors are graduating the related University here.

Places to see in Dublin

   Dublin is the capital of Ireland, located on the east coast of the country in the province named Leinster, right on the River Liffrey. The city has about 2 million inhabitants which is about 30% of Ireland`s population. It has a small but very interesting center to be explored by foot, great nightlife plus many touristic places to view.

Ibiza - Spain

   Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands of Spain located in the Mediterranean Sea at about 79 kilometers far from Valencia, the city from the east side of the country. This island has become over the years very popular through the exclusive nightlife being the land of house music. Especially in the summer this island is attracting a high number of tourists with its summer club scene, surprising landscapes and excellent water.

Havelock Island

   Havelock Island is the most popular one among the entire Andaman Islands. This group of about 600 islands is located in the south-east side of India in the middle of Bengal Bay. Although is the property of India this is far away from the coast and is more close to the Myanmar and Thailand mainland. 

Places to see in Santorini

   Santorini is an island of Greece located in the waters of Aegean Sea at a distance of about 200 KM south-east from Greece`s coast. About 16000 people are living on this volcanic island, also known as Thira, covering an area of more than 73 km². This is a beautiful place where the sea meets the mountains offering magnificent colored landscapes.

Places to see in Strasbourg

   Strasbourg is located in France near the border with Germany. It is the capital of Alsace region and one of the largest cities in France with a population of about 500000 inhabitants. But the city has become more notorious after the birth of European Union as this is where several European institutions have the headquarters. The most important one is the European Parliament and then there are: Council of Europe, European Court of Human Rights or Eurocorps.

Places to see in Zakinthos

   The name of Zakinthos comes from the Zacynthos which was the sun of the Arcadian chief Dardanos. This is the third largest island in the Ionian Sea and is located in Greek waters on the west coast of the country. As other islands of Greece the mountains and the sea make a great partnership to offer some of the most wonderful views in the world. 

Places to see in Corfu

   Corfu is an island of Greece located in the north side of the Ionian Islands and on the north-west area of the country`s coast right in the Adriatic Sea. If you are arriving from Italy then you should know that the island is located on the east side of this country and if you are traveling from Albania Corfu is located on the south-west coast of this country.